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The 1% that holds all the wealth is real, its time to fight back for working families. Lets end wealth and income inequality.

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The Platform

Economic Development

Jobs, rebuilding infrastructure, bringing industry back, and investing in apprenticeship programs. Under no circumstances should sacrifices be made on the backs of the American worker. Let's speak in person about my economic development plan...

Public Banking

Let's have a serious conversation on holding banks accountable. The 71st was hit hard during the economic downfall in 08 and has not recovered completely. Let's have more protections for the people of California against corrupt financial institutions and consider public banking option.

Affordable Housing

Some of the highest poverty rates in the state are in the 71st. I have a dynamic housing plan to finally create affordable housing without raising even 1 penny in taxes!!!


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James Elia for the 71st District State Assembly


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